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bisexlife_hot Archives Chaturbate 2022

Welcome to Bisexlife_hot archives

We are an open-minded group, athletes and with many talents. We love to have fun with every request or sexual fantasy and / or fetish that crosses your mind. It is a pleasure to have you here, you can have fun in your own way with us, we are attentive, outgoing and we love challenges. It makes us happy to be with our second family on Chaturbate every day.

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We are a group of guys with an open mind to serve your fantasies. Our leader with the gold necklace is James, 20; He is outgoing, a very good dancer and likes to train. On the other hand We have a Sexy 18 year old boy named Christopher is a versatile Energetic and Playful boy With a sexy big ass. Angelo is considered the smallest and hottest guy and stands out for his huge 23cm cock even though he’s shy and new to the group. At 18 he is a good background, he is also a great friend and knows how to dance wonderfully. The curly-haired boy is Jack, also 19 years old. He is especially playful and energetic and enjoys any competition like versatility. In the meantime, we look forward to meeting all your requests. WE LOVE PRIVATE SHOWS and generally we are willing to do even more in a private setting.

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Team Members

  • James from Bisexlife_hot James: Birth Day: March 15
    Weight: 70 kg
    Height: 170 cm
    Being the Leader of The Group is a Boy Bisexual Very Sexy, Extroverted, Very Good Dancer and Attentive. James Find out which part you prefer Hardness or Tenderness, you won’t know how to decide how good it is at all.
    His body is athletic fitness, tan skin, honey eyes, brown hair.
    He likes to dance, the gym and music.
  • Leonardo from Bisexlife_hot Leonardo: Birthday: October 08
    Weight: 79 kg
    Height: 178 cm
    His body is robust.
    Being a very sexy boy with blond hair, he likes to dance and he does it very well, he is very morbid, he has a good cock and he is heterosexual, but his mind is very open. You can have fun with him and get to know him better.
    He likes to read and play basketball.
  • Christopher from Bisexlife_hot Christopher: Birth Day: December 26
    Weight: 74 kg
    Height: 170cm
    Being A Bisexual Boy He Has A Good Professional Butt, Delighted To Please You In Every Way Showing His Big Ass, He can be submissive and He can dominate until he gets what he wants.
    Brunette with black eyes, brown hair, robust and buttock
    His hobby is having fun and listening to music, he likes baseball.
  • Mateo from Bisexlife_hot Mateo: Birth Day: August 02
    Weight: 63 kg
    Height: 172 cm
    He is a 19-year-old Heterosexual Boy with a slim body and beautiful smile, he has been very striking in the group, he has a sexy ass and this knowledge of new pleasures with his friends, you can help him in the new world of Bisexuality. You will be able to play with his sexy ass and enjoy without limits in the private show.
    Dark brown with honey eyes, black hair. His Hobby is playing soccer.
  • Brandon from Bisexlife_hot Brandon: Birth Day: March 27
    Weight: 76 kg
    Height: 170cm
    He is cataloged as a guy with a muscular body and very sexy. He is also known for his huge cock. Also heterosexual, his mind is open and you can have the most fun with him letting him play with his ass in private shows.
    Muscular body, brown skin, black hair and dark eyes.
    He likes soccer, the gym and motorcycles.
  • Brandon from Bisexlife_hot Sebasti├ín: Birthday: April 11
    Weight: 115 kg
    Height: 175 cm
    21 Years Old.
    Sexy Bisexual Boy With a Very Open Mind.
    Funny He Loves to Play, He is Very Perverted.
    He Likes to Dance and He is passionate of Food
  • Brandon from Bisexlife_hot Diego: Birth Day: July 29
    Weight: 74 kg
    Height: 184 cm
    19 Years Old.
    Characterized By His Big Cock.
    Open Mind, passionate For Cooking.
    He Likes hot dishes with his friends.
    On the other hand he is passionate about stunts on motorcycles
  • Brandon from Bisexlife_hot Kevin: Birth Day: October 16
    Weight: 86 kg
    Heght: 187 cm
    21 Years Old.
    He is a Gay Boy With a Beautiful Smile.
    Open mind, passionate about pleasing, playing, sharing very hot with his friends.
    While reading books he can use his hands on Another thing like a Cock for example!
  • Brandon from Bisexlife_hot Camilo: Birth Day: September 18
    Weight: 59 kg
    Height: 165 cm
    With Only 19 Years Old He is Talented For Singing And Composing His Style of Music.
    Straight Boy, With a sexy slim body, beautiful Smile.
    He is Very Funny and a Good Dancer

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